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Privacy policy

The Health and Safety Training College Limited (also termed in the following as ‘we’ and ‘our’) provides this website and web page to offer information to interested parties. Submitting any information on any part of our website or web page is optional.
If you choose to submit information
Having browsed the contents of our website or a particular web page, you may wish us to send you information by phone, email, post or other means. To do this we will require you to enter personal information into our website.
What information do we collect?
The information we collect can help us fulfil a request you give for further information or for you to enrol on your preferred course. Information that may be required can include your name, telephone number, email address, postal address, your enrolment requirements (including delivery address) and payment details.
Third party use of your data
We do not sell any of your data to any third parties.
Your personal information
You may request details of the personal information which we hold about you. A fee will be payable to process any request. To request a copy of the information we hold on you, please write to: Health and Safety Training College Limited, Lyne Akres, Brandis Corner, Devon EX22 7YH.
Instructions for opt-out
If you have given the Health and Safety Training College personal information about you, and subsequently would like your information removed, please write to: Health and Safety Training College Limited, Lyne Akres, Brandis Corner, Devon EX22 7YH. Alternatively, if you would like to be removed from our email list, you can click on the relevant ‘unsubscribe’ link that is contained in every email.
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The following cookies are used on our website:
Cookie name/s How it works
We use Google Analytics to help us understand how people use this website. You can view the privacy policy of Google Analytics by visiting
healthsafety1_sc_ This cookie makes your enrolment basket functions work as intended. For example, it can remember the courses you put into your enrolment basket so – even if you leave the website – they will be there when you would like to enrol.
mredir_ This cookie is used to remember your desktop website viewing preference on a mobile device.
By using this website and allowing cookies, you are agreeing to them being placed on your computer. Accepting these cookies will not harm your computer or other browsing device and they are not used to identify you personally. Instead they will simply remember your chosen preferences.
You can stop your computer receiving cookies by changing the settings of your internet browser. You can do this by using the ‘help’ section of your internet browser. Unfortunately, if you disable cookies, a website may not give you the browsing experience as intended. You can find out how to reject Google Analytics cookies by visiting
If you would like more information about cookies, please visit the website
Variations to the Policy
The Health and Safety Training College reserve the right to alter and change information provided in this document at our own discretion and therefore this document should be regularly referred to for updates and variations.
Contact us
For any queries please email